Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Way With Words: Aural Fixation

In my wanderings around the online world over the years, I was fortunate enough to meet various women who did share, to a certain extent, the fantasies that I have. Reading through a story or two of mine, you'll notice that there is a definite touch of pregnancy fantasy, but that the wish fulfillment that the fantasy brings has nothing to do with the ultimate product, the baby. In mulling this over for many years (we psych grads are nothing if not introspective), I've come to the conclusion that in my fantasy, the climax comes at the thought of the body temporarily losing control of itself, to the point where the climax is inevitable. Curves that were merely pleasing or mildly erotic now become enhanced, pushed beyond their normal limits. The rapid progression of the pregnant belly and breasts become metaphors for the building orgasm inside me.

Once explored with other women, some realized that they had a part of that fantasy within themselves. The body is an amazing vehicle for our fantasies -- both other bodies as well as our own. It's well-documented the way that society sends messages about what is deemed 'acceptable' to women and men. It's up to us to determine how much sway that societal opinion is going to have in our own lives. And I'm not talking about how we interact with others, as we very deftly put on our suits of mental armor as we deal with others in our lives. I mean how we see ourselves...and this most definitely enters the arena of play and fantasy.

Those with differing body types may all see themselves as something quite different during self-play, from being the same body shape to something with less weight or defining curves, some more, some in a different gender, with the accompanying sexual body parts to play with.

But again, there is also a focus that occurs with the thought of 'losing control' of one's body for some...and in the little bit of research I've been able to do inside the realm of fetish within the anime and hentai community, the loss of control of one's body to forces outside oneself is a very powerful theme. With this loss of control, sometimes great powers emerge.

I will admit that this last thought, that of a bit of loss of control, as well as a temporary gender swap, lies within my fantasy play centering around an exaggerated pregnancy fantasy. Other women I have met over the years also claim a sense of exaggeration coming through their play, where bellies, breasts, and other parts of them become rounder, heavier, more curved, more filled. This sense, in part, of becoming a "mother earth" type of woman held a powerful sexual release for them. This blended well with my particular fantasy play, so a few of these women became very good online friends of mine.

We quickly realized that reading each others' erotica and chat logs in private room encounters was wonderful, however another sensation was missing -- that of the voice. There is something sexually delicious about hearing a particularly effective fantasy being expressed through the spoke word directly into your own ears. And so, a private phone club was developed over the years with myself and these women who shared body-manipulation fantasies. We called ourselves the "Aural Sex Club", and would setup times to call each other when the need arose for getting off in some private time.

We were all in different stages of relationships when this all started; I was single at the time, but beginning to see someone in college. Others were married, divorced, widowed, single, seeing someone -- all realms of possibility. Some friends needed to give up the circle for various reasons, but there continues to be a core group of us that have the most wonderful shared fantasies online and off via voice. Interestingly enough, using webcams has not yet entered the realm of what we've experienced.

But, polling the group over the years, we came up with certain words that triggered an erotic nerve in our fantasies. Naturally enough, they all have to do with body parts and their various stages of being. We're all quite happy with a designation of "orally fixated", as we definitely are.

Here's some words we enjoy, when used to describe erogenous zones on the body (mostly belly, breasts, hips, butt):

full (fuller, fullness), curve (curving, curvaceous), fill (filling, filled), burst (bursting), round (rounded, rounding, rounder), pop (popping, popped), grow (growing, grown), stretch (stretched, stretching), blow (blowing up), inflate (inflating, inflated), tight (tighter, tightest, tightening), tear (tearing, torn), excite (excited, exciting), engorge (engorged, engorging), hard (harder, hardest, hardening), wet (wetter, wettest), packed, push (pushed, pushing), roll (rolling)

...to name a few. We've all gotten very good over time at setting just the right mood and triggering the right reaction in the body to send someone over the edge with wonderful regularity. Need a quick release or a long one? Can do. And it's always a mind-blowing orgasm, as well.

I was in radio for a short time, and I've often wondered if there was a market for women calling men for sexual release. I don't know enough about the market to know if that need exists, but it'd be fun to give it a try. Finding out if this specific quick body-transformational fantasy is out there amongst women has been a long pursuit, but one I'm in no hurry to complete. As the old saying goes, if you think you're alone in what turns you on, just go online. Eventually, you'll find others that share the same fantasy.

I've found some, but I'm always looking for others...

Email me if you'd like to explore this for yourself.


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