Monday, December 18, 2006

It's All Hydraulics, Really

It is a very simple procedure. Fill the corpora cavernosa with blood, and keep it there, and you produce an erection. However, the wonders of the body never cease to amaze me, and I am fascinated (not to mentioned turned on) every time this bit of magic occurs.

I have been to various body modification sites where all manner of rings, barbels, or other hardware is attached somehow to the penis. I must admit though, that this is not for me. I just find that this area of me is too sensitive to even consider having anything there pierced; I'd be chicken to have an ear done, so don't even suggest my cock.

Another self-modification that fascinates me (but again, I wouldn't attempt), is scrotal infusion, where most usually a saline solution (though other materials are sometimes used) is injected into the scrotal sac by use of a needle, and the result is that the scrotum swells to contain this liquid. After a certain time period, the liquid is absorbed into the body. However, some pictures I've seen show an incredible amount of growth, with the penis perched above a hugely swollen scrotum. I must admit, the idea of the sensation appeals to me, but my life situation gives me neither the alone time or medical skills necessary to attempt such a thing. If you've read any of my earlier stuff here, you'll know that a particular masturbatory scenario of mine is to surround my penis with warm water and pressure on it, producing a hands-free erection and orgasm. This is associated with my quick pregnancy/inflation/belly fetish, although one can argue that it's a chicken and egg issue, since I really don't know which precipitated the other. Scrotal infusion would be a very real way of seeing this happen in real life, though with my luck, something would go wrong, and I'd hit a blood vessel instead of the sac itself. But I do think about it. The idea of having this full, tight, swinging sensation between my legs and propping up my erect cock is an exciting one. But, one I'll get through other means right now, thanks.

Finally, there is the idea of penis pumps and cock rings in my personal experience. I have been thinking about getting a pump for a while now, though it would be more for the masturbatory experimentation and orgasm then any particular need for penetration. I have used rings off and on over the years, and their start for me came when I first found that using a rubber band when I hit puberty around the base of my cock took my erection to a whole new level. I had to find just the right size band, and took care to make sure only to leave it on for 30 minutes or less during a session. Once I learned the great life lesson that other guys actually enjoyed this too, and that there was something called a cock ring that I could buy to use in my fun, I moved up from my home-brew solution. But, I do admit, I have been know to revert back to my teen years when I find myself in a situation where I want to play, but no rings are to be found. Rubber bands are just so darn ubiquitous; there's always one around when you need it.

The rush of blood to the organ is always arousing, of course. When having a usual erection, the cock fills and stands up straight at attention. Orgasm occurs for me, then all goes back to normal. Using the band/ring, the situation is different. The blood fills, and then just keeps on packing it in. Whereas some blood will always leave a simple erection, using a ring keeps this blood in. As a result, my cock gets big(ger). OK, huge. So much so that it sometimes has a hard time pointing straight up, and falls over to one side or the other. Take my fetish preference, and here's a setup for fun. With myself swollen to huge proportions, I slip on a pair of bikini briefs, and pack myself in. There's only two directions to point myself -- straight up or straight down. I usually opt for up. The bulge is, of course, noticeable, but the confinement in the tight space is what drives my wild here. Often, pointing straight up like this, I simply have no room inside the brief for the tip, and my cock will end up sticking out of the waistband. Sometimes this can be used to advantage as well, as I can then pull down the waistband to the base of my cock, trapping a bit more blood, and allowing my cock to then sway down in front of me. The effect is quite fun to see. Move side to side, and my cock takes just a second or two more to make the journey. The full feeling as it slaps against first one thigh, and then the other, feels good as well.

Orgasm again is different between the methods used to achieve erection for me. A regular erection results in a full flow of semen as it leaves me; using a ring or band, the orgasmic feeling is more intense, but the flow is smaller, due to its being trapped to an extent by the band. To increase this volume, I can remove the band before the orgasm comes; sometimes time just doesn't allow it. After an erection without a band, recovery time is pretty quick. The swelling in my cock goes down, everything returns to normal. Using a ring, removing it after orgasm tends to (for me) leave more blood than normal in my cock, and so the erection is semi-hard for a longer period of time, sometimes for 20 - 30 minutes or so. This makes multiple sessions possible when I'm up for it.

As long as proper precautions are taken, this remains a wonderful release for me. I am always careful never to go too long on time with a band on. 30 minutes is the absolute limit. I don't want to have any blood vessels burst on me. But, in the long run, filling and refilling the penis this way does lead to a bit of lengthening, as new blood vessels are formed inside to handle the increased volume. I've noticed this over time.

And who said that working out had to be a pain?


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yes i some times ise the rubber band and then a pump after to to and then i just come and come froome feeling

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